Play it safe!

Insulate the pitched roof with thermotec®

Depending on the required application, the appropriate pumpable thermotec® insulation materials are blown in seamlessly between the rafters using compressed air.

Retrofitting pitched roof insulation is a particularly good way to save energy during renovation work.

thermotec® pitched roof insulation is ideal for retrofitting thermal insulation to unclad roof structures with retained roofing and for new roofing with retained underside construction and, of course, for new builds. Our computer-controlled mixing system ensures even distribution of the insulation material between the rafters and compensates for irregularities in the roof construction.

Your benefit with thermotec® Pitched roof insulation

• Independence from spiralling energy costs
• Roof greening possible
• Clean delivery with minimum space requirements - thermotec® Mixmobile

• Uniform material distribution thanks to computer-controlled mixing system
• No off-cuts – no waste
• Breathable

• High CO2 savings
• Dust-free, fast application
• Installation possible in one working day