Play it safe!

The right
insulation to suit
every occasion!

From loft insulation through to floor construction!

Professionally installed insulation is vital to save energy and heating costs and protect the climate. Keeping the heat in the house during the winter and preventing the house from heating up in the summer. Good insulation also ensures noise protection.

We support your construction project based on more than 30 years of experience and optimised, patented, continuously certified products.


The seamless quality monitoring ensuring the consistently high level of quality achieved by thermotec® materials, starting from the in-house test laboratory right through to the construction site prism, makes us unique in the construction industry.

The thermotec® product applications

thermotec® products offer outstanding versatility and are able to fulfil a wide range of requirements. If you would like to kit out your entire project with high-quality thermotec® insulation, we cordially invite you to click here.


Für DIY-Heimwerker und Profi-Estrichleger.
100 % schadstoff- und HBCD-frei!

Public buildings

thermotec® ensures safety and you benefit from long-term cost savings, energy efficiency and sustainability through eligibility for subsidies.

Indoor & outdoor pools

Die thermally insulating pooltec® backfilling and pooltec® insulating floor slab of thermotec® slab extend the swimming season by months!


Open-plan offices, car workshops, warehouses – our highly resilient thermotec® loose-fill insulation can handle heavy loads.


Regardless of whether it's a new build or refurbishment: our non-toxic thermotec® products ensure the feel-good factor and your health!

Areas of application