Play it safe!

Insulate pool floor slabs correctly with pooltec® Premium

The pumpable pooltec® BODEN Premium insulation for the pool floor slab creates a leveling, heat-insulating base for your pool. Thanks to the pollutant-free pooltec® Premium material, direct contact with the ground has NO impact on the environment! Fast, clean and resource-saving!

pooltec® BODEN Premium pool floor slab insulation replaces the costly and poorly insulating concrete floor!

Pool insulation for the Floor: the advantages of pooltec® FLOOR Premium

• Clean delivery with minimum space requirements – thermotec® Mixmobile
• Uniform material distribution thanks to computer-controlled mixing system
• No interference with existing vegetation

• Insulation material is pumped to the installation site via hoses – No ingress of dirt
• Thermally insulating, level stabilising substructure
• No additional drainage layer necessary

• Perfect stability
• Direct contact with the ground possible
• Quick and efficient Installation

• No waste or off-cuts as with insulation boards
• Loadable within 24 hours
• Installation possible in one working day

The pooltec® bears
at work

pooltec® FLOOR Premium, a thermally insulating floor panel that is also a water-permeable substructure (the required drainage lines are not replaced), was installed. pooltec® WALL Premium, a cost-effective, thermally insulating bonded backfill that provides a form-fitting shell for your pool, was also installed.

New pool construction with pooltec® Premium

Francine Jordi in conversation with Egon Döberl. Pool construction with pooltec® Premium simply explained.

Sustainable pool operation

How you can enjoy your pool sustainably and warmer.


For DIY enthusiast and professional screed layer!
100 % one hundred per cent free of harmful substances
and 100% free of HBCD!

Harmful substances in recycled polystyrene are not to be trifled with!

As the market leader, we supply you with the non-toxic alternative. Play it safe with us, we will be happy to advise you.