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Attic insulation with thermotec®

The roof has the second largest surface area of a building envelope after the facade. Insulation of the loft is essential to minimise heat loss here. It protects the interior from the heat in summer and keeps the heat inside in winter.

We help you to save up to 30% of your heating costs!

The pumpable, seamless thermotec® insulation can be installed without a screed and significantly reduce your energy costs.

It has never been so easy and effective to save energy!

Room heat escaping through an uninsulated storage floor is extremely inefficient. This is something that you, as a homeowner or tenant, will feel directly in your wallet.

Here at thermotec® we have the ideal solution for you: “Delivered in the morning, done in the evening“ is our motto. Why not give us a call today and get a free, no-obligation quote? Then you will be already saving valuable energy tomorrow.

Thermography makes heat loss visible!

Thermography capitalises on the fact that all objects radiate heat. A thermal imaging camera can be used to visualise the energy status of a building envelope with the aim of identifying energy weaknesses and thermal bridges.

This helps to identify the causes of increased energy consumption and plan measures for saving energy.

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Estimated energy and CO2 savings

Loft area with thermotec®:
the advantages

• Independence from spiralling energy costs
• Clean delivery with minimum space requirements – thermotec® Mixmobil
• Uniform material distribution thanks to computer-controlled mixing system
• Insulation material is pumped to the installation site via hoses – No ingress of dirt
• No off-cuts – no waste
• Breathable - an advantage for wooden ceilings and vaults
• High CO2 savings
• Dust-free, quick installation
• No waste or off-cuts as with insulation boards
• Seamless Installation
• Installation possible in one working day
• Can be walked on with additional load-distributing layer
• Levelling of unevenness

The thermotec® bears
at work

The entire historical loft of the heritage-protected Freistadt brewery was insulated sustainably with 350 m3 of thermotec® within a week.


„I really hadn't expected that: four years ago, I had already completely replaced the windows in my home to improve their energy efficiency and, to be honest, I was a little disappointed with the 8% energy saving achieved, despite the high investment costs.

I was lucky enough to have then decided in favour of thermotec® loft insulation. The heating oil consumption BEFORE the measure was approx. 1,700 litres per year for a total living area of 90 m². thermotec® WD 100R bonded insulation fill with a construction height of 25 cm was applied to an area of 100 m². Thanks to a low material cost investment in comparison to other energy-saving measures and low installation costs, the heating oil consumption AFTER the loft insulation with thermotec® is just 1,200 litres per year.
Just a single day's work resulted in sustainable energy savings of 30 %. It's true what they say: thermotec® insulates professionally and you benefit over the long term.“

Gottfried Brunner,
retired primary school headmaster in Austria


Für DIY-Heimwerker und Profi-Estrichleger.
100 % schadstoff- und HBCD-frei!

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