Play it safe!

Wall backfilling with thermotec®!

Insulating wool, sheep's wool, hemp boards? A dusty, arduous - and often painful - matter, especially with insulating wool! There is a risk of moisture and mould if the sealing is not done properly! thermotec® insulation material does not absorb moisture thanks to its composition. It is able to dry out completely if moisture penetrates and mould cannot develop. Thermotec has the optimum product for every insulation project! This also applies to wall backfilling.

The thermotec® insulation is blown into the cavities using compressed air - leaving no dust, simple and speedy.

Insulating partition walls with thermotec®: the advantages

• Independence from spiralling energy costs
• Clean delivery with minimum space requirements – thermotec® Mixmobil
• Uniform material distribution thanks to computer-controlled mixing system

• Insulation material is pumped to the installation site via hoses – No ingress of dirt
• No off-cuts – no waste
• No danger of mould forming in the event of moisture damage

• Dust-free, quick installation
• Seamless Installation
• Installation possible in one working day


For DIY enthusiast and professional screed layer!
100 % one hundred per cent free of harmful substances
and 100% free of HBCD!

Harmful substances in recycled polystyrene are not to be trifled with!

As the market leader, we supply you with the non-toxic alternative. Play it safe with us, we will be happy to advise you.