Play it safe!

Basement backfilling with thermotec®

Nowadays, a cellar is no longer a cellar. The basement is often used as additional living space, a gym or a wellness oasis with a sauna and relaxation area. It is therefore important to insulate the basement rooms, keep the heat in the house and save energy.

In addition, backfilling the basement wall significantly reduces the earth pressure and serves as protection for the basement wall waterproofing, drainage layer and sub-base for the eaves paving – all this is done in one step with thermotec®!

Your benefits with thermotec® basement backfilling

• Clean delivery with minimum space requirements - thermotec® Mixmobile
• Uniform material distribution thanks to computer-controlled mixing system
• Direct contact with the ground possible

• Dimensionally stable and seamless
• Complete encapsulation and protection of installations
• The insulating material is pumped through hoses to the excavation pit - leaves no impact on the existing vegetation

• Dust-free, quick and efficient Installation
• No waste or off-cuts as with insulation boards
• Sampling and analysis on every construction site
• Ongoing certification of products


For DIY enthusiast and professional screed layer!
100 % one hundred per cent free of harmful substances
and 100% free of HBCD!

Harmful substances in recycled polystyrene are not to be trifled with!

As the market leader, we supply you with the non-toxic alternative. Play it safe with us, we will be happy to advise you.