Play it safe!

thermotec® flat roof slope insulation

Flat roof slope insulation impresses with its low work input and extreme time savings. Moreover, we are not tied to the seasons, regardless of whether it is summer or winter - we can install flat roof slope insulation at any time.

Insulate the flat roof and create the required slope without formwork and in a short time, all in one step!

Your benefit with thermotec® flat roof slope insulation

• Independence from spiralling energy costs
• Roof greening possible

• No formwork required
• Clean delivery with minimum space requirements - thermotec® Mixmobile
• Uniform material distribution thanks to computer-controlled mixing system

• No off-cuts – no waste
• Breathable
• Flame resistant

• High CO2 savings
• Seamless installation
• Installation independent of the seasons

• Establishing and installing the slope takes just a single work step
• Installation possible in one working day


For DIY enthusiast and professional screed layer!
100 % one hundred per cent free of harmful substances
and 100% free of HBCD!

Harmful substances in recycled polystyrene are not to be trifled with!

As the market leader, we supply you with the non-toxic alternative. Play it safe with us, we will be happy to advise you.