thermotec® Thermal and impact sound insulation
thermotec® Attic insulation
thermotec® Wall backfilling
pooltec® Pool backfilling
pooltec® Pool floor slab insulation
thermotec® Vault filling
thermotec® Floor slab insulation
thermotec® Flat roof slope insulation
thermotec® Bathtub insulation
thermotec® Basement backfilling


Play it safe!

thermotec® insulation not only shaves weeks off your construction time, but also prevents sound and thermal bridging, as well as mould growth. Thanks to our thermotec® products: little water, little binder = short drying time!

This has established us as an innovator and market leader in the construction and insulation industry and in the manufacture of insulation materials for more than 30 years now.

thermotec® is not the same as polystyrene or lean concrete!

Styrofoam concrete has a dense cement structure and therefore offers only low insulating properties.
This means that up to twice the installation thickness is required to achieve anything like the thermal and impact sound insulation values of thermotec®.
This in turn results in very long drying times and a high risk of mould forming!

Why Thermotec

Public buildings

thermotec® ensures safety and you benefit from long-term cost savings, energy efficiency and sustainability through eligibility for subsidies.

Indoor & outdoor pools

Die thermally insulating pooltec® backfilling and pooltec® insulating floor slab of thermotec® slab extend the swimming season by months!


Open-plan offices, car workshops, warehouses – our highly resilient thermotec® loose-fill insulation can handle heavy loads.


Regardless of whether it's a new build or refurbishment: our non-toxic thermotec® products ensure the feel-good factor and your health!

Areas of Application

& References.

From new developments and schedules for exhibition stands through to
interesting projects, you will always be informed here in no time at all.

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