Computer-controlled mixing systems

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Why computer-controlled mixing systems?

The precise interaction of water, binding agent and polystyrene is very important for the quality of the insulation. Water plays a major role in the drying times; this means that the less water there is, the faster work can continue. The strength and load-bearing capacity of the insulation can only be achieved by keeping to the exact mixture. Each individual polystyrene bead is surrounded by thermotec® to form a homogeneous mass without thermal and impact sound bridges. In this respect, too, the correct proportion of each component is decisive. Only computer-controlled mixing systems can achieve the exact grammage and at an incredible speed.

Cutting-edge technology in thermotec® MIXMOBILES

Highest quality is possible on every construction site thanks to the cutting-edge technology in the thermotec® MIXMOBILES. Computer and microprocessor-controlled systems for processing (mixing and pumping) pumpable thermotec® insulation can be found in every Mixmobile.



The quality of the products supplied is ensured by connecting the mixing systems to the thermotec® central laboratory via the Internet.



The systems in the thermotec® MIXMOBILES have been specially developed by practitioners for pumpable thermotec® insulation, meaning that set-up times are very short and the systems are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment.


An additional steering axle means that the vehicle is highly agile and can also reach construction sites with narrow access routes.


The sophisticated layout and equipment mean that smaller construction sites can be supplied and realised with very short set-up and installation times.

A Mercedes Sprinter is used as the basis, but even the most cramped construction sites can be reached using an adapted car trailer.


Public buildings

thermotec® ensures safety and you benefit from long-term cost savings, energy efficiency and sustainability through eligibility for subsidies.

Indoor & outdoor pools

Die thermally insulating pooltec® Premium backfilling and pooltec® Premium insulating floor slab of thermotec® slab extend the swimming season by months!


Open-plan offices, car workshops, warehouses – our highly resilient thermotec® loose-fill insulation can handle heavy loads.


Regardless of whether it's a new build or refurbishment: our non-toxic thermotec® products ensure the feel-good factor and your health!

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