Loft insulation brings many benefits

Save up to 30 per cent on heating costs.

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Less energy consumption and lower heating costs - but greater comfort and increased value. Sounds almost too good to be true - but it can be achieved immediately with the right loft insulation!

  Insulation in general, especially loft insulation, is essential in order to minimise energy consumption in your home and optimise the room climate. This article summarises the most important benefits of loft insulation.

Save up to 30 per cent on heating costs.

Save up to 30 per cent on heating costs.

Good thermal insulation is one of the most effective ways of saving energy costs. Since warm air rises, it is particularly important to ensure that the loft is insulated. Doing so can quickly and effectively save up to 30 per cent on heating costs. And the best thing about it: the investment costs are comparatively very low and in many cases are subsidised by up to 50 percent from the state.
Good insulation is half the battle!


An example: insulating a 120 m² loft with an insulation thickness of 25 centimetres is likely to cost in the region of 6,000 euros. Provided the renovation property is at least 20 years old, the minimum insulation thickness is 24 centimetres and a maximum U-value of 0.15 W/(m² K) is achieved, the costs are subsidised by up to 50 percent or a maximum of 3,000 euros for individual renovation measures.

Climate protection thanks to energy savings

On top of lower heating costs, saving energy by insulating the loft floor naturally also results in lower pollutant emissions and consequently helps to protect the environment. An important contribution when it comes to resource, environmental and climate protection.


Taking ownership of the energy price

Energy and heating costs have doubled in some cases in comparison to the previous year. Insulation helps us to be more independent and take personal initiative.


These and other factors make a clear case for loft insulation. That said, it is important to ensure that the insulation material contains no harmful substances. When it comes to quality and composition, there are major differences on the market. Recycled polystyrene often contains the toxic flame retardant HBCD.
Do your health a favour and keep yourself well informed!



Increasing the value of your property

Properties with low energy consumption command higher prices when sold. The same is true for rental properties! Good insulation is more or less half the battle!


Warm in winter, cool in summer

Insulating the loft protects against the cold in winter – that goes without saying – but it also contributes a lot to the indoor climate in summer! It shields the interior from excess heat in the hot months.
This means: that the living space is cosy and warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer.




Public buildings

thermotec® ensures safety and you benefit from long-term cost savings, energy efficiency and sustainability through eligibility for subsidies.

Indoor & outdoor pools

Die thermally insulating pooltec® Premium backfilling and pooltec® Premium insulating floor slab of thermotec® slab extend the swimming season by months!


Open-plan offices, car workshops, warehouses – our highly resilient thermotec® loose-fill insulation can handle heavy loads.


Regardless of whether it's a new build or refurbishment: our non-toxic thermotec® products ensure the feel-good factor and your health!

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