Polar bear facility „Franz-Josef-Land“, Zoo Schönbrunn

thermotec® insulation for the polar bear enclosure in Schönbrunn

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Total area

1700 m²

Construction time

June 2014 (only 4 hours installation time)


Zoo Schönbrunn, 1130 Vienna


Zoo Schönbrunn

Screed layer

Pachler Estriche GmbH


Dipl.Ing. Peter Hartmann


thermotec® BEPS-W 50R


The red bear turns white. thermotec® products save more than 200 times the amount of energy consumed in their manufacture over the course of their service life. This makes an active contribution to environmental protection, since polar bears need ice to survive. This makes us feel all the more gratified that we had the opportunity to use thermotec® products in the renovation of the polar bear facility.   There is no alternative to thermotec® when cavity filling and insulation are required. So let's go into detail on site. In order to prevent the slope from slipping into the excavation pit, the architect Dipl.-Ing. Peter Hartmann left part of the old rear wall standing. Once the formwork for the new walls had been removed, there was only need to backfill a cavity up to 20 cm wide.   The requirement for the filler was: low weight, no pressure transfer and the best possible insulation. And this is precisely where the thermotec® product BEPS-W 50R excelled. Trouble-free, seamless backfilling is guaranteed by thermotec®, as is the required insulation.   The installation time amounted to just 4 hours, all thanks to the thermotec® Mixmobile and the matching delivery hoses. The drying time associated with thermotec® products is almost as fast as the installation.


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thermotec® ensures safety and you benefit from long-term cost savings, energy efficiency and sustainability through eligibility for subsidies.

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Die thermally insulating pooltec® Premium backfilling and pooltec® Premium insulating floor slab of thermotec® slab extend the swimming season by months!


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